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(Mendel Genetics Conference)

Mendel's Museum (Brno)

Wed 7/19/2022 - Fri 7/21/2022

(Minerály Brno)

Trade Fairs Brno (Brno)

Sat 12/3/2021 - Sun 12/4/2021

(Rage (Ger))

Masters Of Rock Café (Zlín)

Sun 12/5/2021 19:00

(Beast in Black)


Sat 12/11/2021 19:00

(Apocalyptica, Epica, Special guest: Wheel)


Wed 1/12/2022 19:00

Tip for a trip

Travičná sheepfold

Travičná sheepfold

A perfect place for a trip situated not far from the viewing tower Travičná, which is trying ecological...